March 23, 2017

About us


Association for Capacity Improvement Media Pulse is local Civil Society Organization based in Leposavić, Kosovo. The organization is founded  in 2005 by the group of pro-active and innovative people with main purpose to contribute to development of civil society, democratic and responsible institutions and to support reconciliation in the region through constructive dialogue. Media Pulse actively supports local socio-economic development initiatives through consulting, researches, campaigns and networking.


Strengthening of civil sector through improvement of overall capacities among active citizens and promotion of democracy and accountability in all spheres of social life.


Society of equal, encouraged and proactive citizens who decides about their lives in democratic and well-organized environment. 

Geographic coverage

  • Primary: Northern Kosovo
  • Secondary: Ex YU region (through the “Youth Dialogue Program” network)


  • Support to promotion of local socio-economic development
  • Civil dialogue/Public policies


Media Pulse Leposavic is member or has cooperation with the following networks:


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