28th September – Right to Know Day!

September 28th is the International “Right to Know Day” and is celebrated with the aim of promoting the right to free access to information as one of the basic human rights, inspiring citizens to exercise their right and incite public authorities to (better ) transparency in work. NGO “Media Pulse” conducts the project “Public Information for All” and in September a media campaign was launched with the aim of informing citizens about the possibilities which are provided by the municipal service for insight in public documents.

September 28th is celebrated as the Right to Know Day since 2003, and epithet “International” has been acquired with the right as it is being celebrated in an increasing number of countries around the world.

Previously, this right did not exist independently, but only if there was a prerequisite for exercising some other right, such as the right to privacy. In Tromsø, Norway, on June 18th 2009, the first international legal document  which directly and exclusively concerns the right to free access to information was adopted. The Ministers of Justice of the member states of the Council of Europe adopted the Convention on Access to Official Documents.

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